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Water Bath

Water Bath is frequently used in laboratories for a variety of tasks like heating reagents, incubating samples, and running enzyme assays. It is used by filling the container with water and adjusting the temperature with a thermostat. This bath is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality.

BOD Incubator
BOD incubators are extremely useful for determining the levels of organic matter as well as nitrogen in waste water samples. Supplied incubators are suited for the growth of bacteria and ensure the execution of BOD testing.
Ultra Violet Fluorescence Analysis Cabinet
Ultra Violet Fluorescence Analysis Cabinets are the cabinets, suited for chromatographic analysis. These can effectively work under laboratory lighting conditions. Supplied cabinets are of fast, convenient and simple operation.
Fume Hood
We offer Fume hoods, which are utilized to prevent the release of several hazardous substances. These work well in all laboratory spaces and are suited for controlling as well as exhausting both odorous & hazardous chemicals.
Heating Plate
Hot plates are suited for laboratory experiments, which are utilized to perform several chemical reactions. These are known to heat samples as well as other activities. These conceptually simple plates are suited for oil or sand bath use.

Hot Air Oven
We offer Hot air ovens, which are used to sterilize glassware as well as chemicals. These are utilized in several ways and allow for an operative killing of microorganisms of all kinds, viruses, bacteria, and heat-resistant materials. 
Laboratory Shaker
We offer Laboratory Shakers, which are functional as the advanced laboratory equipment. These are utilized to mix several substances in a flask or some other lab containers. These shakers are also demanded in the arenas of chemistry as well as biology. 
Laminar Air Flow
The laminar air flow cabinets are utilized to keep a controlled work surface for assorted applications. These are suited for applications, where a sterile work space is required. Supplied air flows ensure a clean working atmosphere. 
Industrial Deep Freezer
Deep Freezers are utilized to keep the larger amount of frozen food for extended periods of time. Supplied high-quality freezers are used to keep several perishable items of laboratories. 

Laboratory Sterilizer
Laboratory Sterilizers are utilized to sterilize equipment and are harmless to use on patients. These are utilized for eradicating pathogens as well as bacteria. These sterilizing equipment are cost-effective as well as efficient means of sterilization. 

Air Shower
Air showers are functional as the advanced antechambers. These have been incorporated as the entryways of cleanrooms as well as controlled environments. These must be used to reduce particle contamination. 

Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge Machine is a lab tool used to separate mixture components according to their density. Depending on the specific application, these machines can be different sizes and speeds, and they can be used with a range of tube sizes and materials. It is very effective and economical to use.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Due to its quick evaporation and lack of residue, Isopropyl Alcohol is frequently used as a cleaning agent for electronic devices, including computer screens and smartphone screens. It is frequently used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as in medical settings as a disinfectant for skin and surfaces.